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Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in New Jersey

Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in New Jersey

Getting low auto insurance quotes is the first step towards obtaining the right insurance for your car. There are facts about auto insurance quotes you must know before attempting to get one. It is imperative that you understand the scales insurers use to set the rates for different classes of motorists. This explains why some motorists pay more to ensure their vehicles than others. First-time car owners, for instance, will automatically get higher quotes than seasoned policyholders. The same applies to motorists who buy newer car models.

Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes in New Jersey

Another thing insurers take into consideration is the driver's age and gender. Generally, the younger you are the higher the rates you will end up paying. Young people are considered reckless on the road while older people tend to be more careful and therefore a low-risk group. In the same way, men have considered a high-risk class of drivers compared to women because they tend to over-speed and are more carefree. They also spend more time on the road than women and are thus more likely to get involved in accidents. As a result, they get higher quotes than their female counterparts.

One thing about low auto insurance quotes is that they are just estimates and may not necessarily reflect the real amount you will pay for a certain duration of time. There are probably some facts you might not instantly determine from the quote until you contact the company representative and get more details or go through the fine print. It might turn out that the quote is meant for specific models of cars only, or that the policy has extremely high deductibles. So in essence, look beyond the surface when evaluating quotes.

That alone is reason enough why you should not settle for the first quote you come across because chances are you might end up getting shortchanged. Plus you will miss out on better quotes which you would have found had you kept searching. Of utmost importance when getting low auto insurance quotes is to ensure that they offer adequate protection and meet all your auto insurance needs. Unfortunately, not all cheap insurance covers meet these criteria.

There are other things to consider as well. For instance, ascertain that if you have not yet paid off your car, you list the lienholder as the financier. Check also that they do not have a specific amount listed as the deductibles. If it is there, it should be an amount you are comfortable paying.

Best Car Insurance Rates in New Jersey
We conducted a study of auto insurance quotes in New Jersey across 50 companies and four driver types to find the cheapest car insurers. Our research showed that rates in the state can differ widely: for example, the cheapest auto insurance quotes in New Jersey for a middle-aged married couple were about $4,630 or 79% lower than the most expensive company. One company's premium could pay for almost four years of insurance for our married NJ drivers. That’s why you need to compare quotes to get the best rates. 
Cheapest Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Auto Insurance Quotes in New Jersey
The five cheapest companies for the general population are NJ Skylands, Farmers (Mid-Century Insurance), Norfolk & Dedham (Fitchburg Mutual), Plymouth Rock, and GEICO. Their average annual premium was $1,394, which cost 37% or $834 less than the fifty-insurer composite.
To see how other auto insurance companies ranked in our NJ research, take a look at the table below. We've ranked the 37 major providers from the lowest to the most expensive companies based on our benchmark drivers. Your quotes will differ depending on where you live and your driving history, but these companies are a good place to start for cheap car insurance. Not every company underwrites policyholders the same way, so drivers should always compare car insurance quotes between several carriers to get good rates. 

RankAuto Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rates
1AAA / Western United Insurance*$1,187
2New Jersey Skylands1,213
3Farmers / Mid-Century Insurance1,301
4Norfolk & Dedham / Fitchburg Mutual1,443
5Plymouth Rock1,488
6Teachers Auto Insurance Co of NJ*1,516
9Encompass P&C Insurance Co of NJ1,850
10Founders Insurance Co1,869
11Amica Property and Casualty Ins Co1,877
12United Farm Family Ins Co*1,881
13California Casualty & Fire Insurance*1,916
14Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE)1,934
16MAPFRE / American Commerce Ins2,118
17Esurance Ins Co of NJ2,146
18Liberty Mutual2,152
19Hartford Fire Ins Co2,153
20Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange (CURE)2,210
21AIG Property Casualty Company2,233
22Allstate NJ Property and Casualty2,337
23Mercury Indemnity Co of America2,381
2421st Century Centennial Co2,448
25Ameriprise / IDS Property Casualty2,483
26Selective Auto Ins Co of NJ2,528
27MetLife / Metropolitan P&C Ins Co2,574
28ACE Group2,705
29State Farm2,734
31Fireman's Fund Indemnity Corp2,874
32IFA Insurance Co3,015
33Electric Insurance Co3,309
34Kemper Direct / Response Insurance3,472
35Chubb Insurance Company of NJ3,832
36Personal Service Ins Co4,251
37Hanover Insurance Co4,385
*A couple of notes on the auto insurance companies above and special eligibility: AAA / Western United Insurance had the best rates in most of the cities we saw, but you have to have an AAA membership ($60/year in dues) in order to qualify. Teachers Auto Insurance of NJ only insures the member of the education and school community while USAA covers only members of the military, both active and retired, and their families.
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